RR Enterprises Launches VoIP Telephony Product

RR Enterprises Launches VoIP Telephony Product

Mississauga, ON, May 1, 2005: RR Enterprises Ltd. announced today the introduction of the RR Enterprises VoIP Telephony Subscriber Management & Billing System software system. The RR VoIP Telephony module harnesses the full functionality of the RR Enterprises Subscriber System, providing a totally integrated and transparent system to the CSRs.

Included in the functionality offered within the RR VoIP module is:

CUSTOMER CONTACT - Provides a single, completely integrated view of the customer, with all products or services, including voice, video and data, available within their community. The CSR can easily view all related orders and data for a given customer. The CSR can easily and quickly modify customer data, view current services, view current and past orders, view current and past billing records, and view payment history.

Functionalities include Can-we-Serve Validation, Third Party Verification hand-off or Recording for Local/LD Selection Process, Credit Scoring/Verification Interface for Services/Plans, Telephone Number Display/Account link from Caller ID, LOA for Porting and CSR from current LEC.

ORDER ENTRY - The CSR simply creates a Work Order to establish, change, update, or remove service for a customer. This includes collecting data (e.g. customer information, E911, DA/DL) as needed to provision the order and charge the customer’s account.

Functionalities include MSAG Address Validation, Class/Grade of Service, Telephone Number Administration – Native, Telephone Number Assignment – Ported, Directory Listing Information, LIDB Line Screening Information, CNAM Information, E-911 Information, and LD Carrier Selection.

PRODUCTS/PACKAGES/BUNDLES - Creating a database consisting of all telephony based products offered by the cable company to their customers and maps those products to the specific features available on the network elements. Automatically applies any discounts established for any variety of packages or services selected.

Functionalities include Local Services, CLASS Services, Voice Mail/etc., End User Federal Services, Local Service Packages, Local Service Bundles- ISP/Cable/Wireless/etc., Bundle Allocations/Discount Distribution, Application, Tax/Surcharge Application, Long Distance Print Suppression and Selective Call Blocking (900, etc.).

TROUBLE MANAGEMENT - The ability to enter trouble tickets to track network, schedule technicians, determine status on troubles, and resolution of the troubles.
Functionalities include Assign Report by Service Type, Identify Trouble by Telephone Number, Identify Trouble by LEC Circuit Number, Identify Trouble by IXC Circuit Number, Identify Trouble by Name/IP Address, Track/Age Reports by Service Type, PUCO/MTSS Trouble Reporting, IXC Trouble Reporting, Auto-Escalate by Service Type and Auto-Close/Generate Out-of-Service Credits.

ORDER FULFILLMENT - Creating and maintaining steps or status codes to track the service order from initial entry to order completion. The workflow will place the order in certain status dependent upon its current place in the order process and may trigger work events that prompt actions against the service order.
Functionalities include Order Task/Work Group Identification, Task Due Date/Resource Scheduling, Work Order Generation/Distribution by Task/Work Group, Task Due Date Tracking/Reporting/Escalation, Task Completion/Notification To Order Entry, and Supplemental Services at Installation to Order Entry.

About RR Enterprises Ltd.
RR Enterprises Ltd., a Canadian company founded in 1986, is one of the leading subscriber management and billing software companies for the Pay-TV industry in the world. The RR system is totally integrated, extremely user-friendly and cost-effective for Video, Internet and Telephony providers. Our System is operating in numerous locations throughout Canada and the United States and in several countries around the globe. The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System is presently available in eight languages, while new languages are easily added in about six weeks.

The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System total solution includes Customer Care, Charging, Invoicing, Payments, Collections, Accounting, Order Processing, Work Order Scheduling, Service Call Scheduling, Hardware Provisioning, Pay-Per-View, Video-On-Demand, Marketing Campaigns, Packaging, Inventory Control, Telemarketing, Commissions, Customer Self Care, and a Full Reporting Module.

Please visit the company’s Web site at www.rrenterprises.on.ca

For Details, Contact:

Paul Parsons
RR Enterprises Ltd.

2855 Speakman Drive
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5K 1B1
Phone             (905) 855-7750
Fax (905) 855-7925
Email: paulp@rrenterprises.on.ca

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