RR Enterprises’ Installs Telephony Module at Sunflower Broadband

Sunflower Broadband to service subscribers with RR Telephony Module

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, September 20, 2007: RR Enterprises Ltd. announced today that Sunflower Broadband of Lawrence, Kansas has installed the RR VoIP Telephony module to service Sunflower’s telephony subscribers.

Raymond Reichert, President of RR Enterprises said, “We are so pleased to have installed the RR VoIP Telephony module at Sunflower Broadband. We have had the pleasure of supporting Sunflower’s video and data business for many years and the addition of the RR Telephony module will allow Sunflower to capitalize on the many benefits of having a truly integrated subscriber management system.”

Debra Schmidt, Director of Telephone Services at Sunflower Broadband commented, “With the installation of the telephony module we can achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. In addition to providing customers with an integrated bill, the RR system increases our internal efficiency to handle customer data, payments, trouble tickets and reporting functionality. Our expectation is to utilize the RR software to increase our quality of service across all of our voice, video and data products and services.”

Patrick Knorr, General Manager of Sunflower Broadband commented, “Modern cable companies are no longer video monopolies they are telecommunications companies with complex services being offered in a very competitive environment. It is critical they have an integrated subscriber management system they can depend on to allow them to both maximize operational efficiencies and the quality of experience they provide their customers.”

About Sunflower Cablevision
Sunflower Broadband, a Division of the World Company, is based in Lawrence Kansas and has been providing Cable Television services since 1972. Despite Sunflower’s relatively small size, Sunflower has always taken a leadership role in the industry. Sunflower co-founded the Cable COOP, was an early supporter of Cable Labs, and is very active with the American Cable Association. Sunflower Broadband was one of the first systems to offer HBO, was one of the first cable operators to offer fully two-way high-speed data services in 1995, one of the first DOCSIS deployments in 1998, and has provided voice services from 2001.

About RR Enterprises Ltd.
RR Enterprises Ltd., a Canadian company founded in 1986, is one of the leading subscriber management and billing software companies for the Pay-TV industry in the world. The RR system is totally integrated, extremely user-friendly and cost-effective for Video, Internet and Telephony providers. Our System is operating in numerous locations throughout Canada and the United States and in several countries around the globe. The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System is presently available in eight languages, while new languages are easily added in about six weeks.

The RR Enterprises Subscriber Management System total solution includes Customer Care, Charging, Invoicing, Payments, Collections, Accounting, Order Processing, Work Order Scheduling, Service Call Scheduling, Hardware Provisioning, Pay-Per-View, Video-On-Demand, Marketing Campaigns, Packaging, Inventory Control, Telemarketing, Commissions, Customer Self Care, and a Full Reporting Module.

Please visit the company’s Web site at www.rrenterprises.on.ca

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