RR Enterprises Announces September 2009 Product Release

RR Enterprises Announces September 2009 Product Release

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, September 10, 2009: RR Enterprises Ltd., one of the world’s leading Customer Care & Billing software providers, announced today the availability of the RR Enterprises’ Subscriber Management System September 2009 product release. Based on input from our customer base at our annual Enhancement Meeting, a multitude of “nice to have” enhancements have been added in the following areas;

Subscriber/Unit Search and Inquiry
Telephone log, Selection of a package on a work order screen, Work order Perform and Work order Kind code, Special Notes, Display Work order Cancellation reason code, Service Call Revision Tracking, Subscriber Note Logging, Unit Note Logging, How to mask check numbers and protect masked check numbers, Hide check number in ALP program, Service Call Recent Activities, Subscriber Additional Information Search Option, Telephone Number search, Scanning Service Codes within the Work order screen, Sorting of Services by Current and Change Quantities within the Work order screen, E-mail Address for Business, Security by Subscriber Type

File Maintenance- Campaign expiring message to show invoice, Cancelled Subscriber Disposition Selection

Cash Receipts, Journal Vouchers, & Security Deposits - Print Security Deposit amount on invoice, Cash Receipts, PAC and C/C payment

Work Orders and Service Calls
Work order Partial Complete, Purchasable program in the work order, Add Rate Schedule to Work Order History Detail Report

Report Selection
Labels, Subscriber Listing Enhancement to Number of Services, Subscribers on Default Rate Schedules, Subscriber Listing Enhancement to Package Version Codes, Subscriber Listing Enhancement to Invoiced Subs on PAC or CC, Subscriber Listing Enhancement to reflect last Late Charge Date/Fee

Inventory Control
Search MAC address, Inventory listings, Enhancement on inventory exchange program

System Parameters
Pay plan template, Tables marked with “X” not to show on list, Authority to allow creation, update and deletion of a Unit, Final Notice Message Maintenance, New Security Function for DAC updates

PPV/VOD Utilities
Credit VOD events

EOD/EOM Reports
Late charge reporting

Addressable line number

About RR Enterprises Ltd.
RR Enterprises is a leading subscriber management and billing solution for Video, & Internet providers. Established in 1986, our worldwide customer base enjoys unequalled personalized service, one of the cornerstones of our business. Our truly functional system is highly automated, extremely user friendly and flexible. Our unique software architecture provides numerous features only available with the RR System. Available in eight languages, new languages are easily added in about six weeks.

The RR Enterprises System is operating in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada, and internationally in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the Caribbean.

For Details, Contact:

Paul Parsons
RR Enterprises Ltd.

Phone             (905) 855-7750
Email: paulp@rrenterprises.on.ca

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