RR Enterprises Announces Major Enhancements

RR Enterprises Announces Major Enhancements to Package Maintenance, Commissions and TV Costing Modules with January, 2004 Release

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, January 9, 2004:RR Enterprises Ltd., one of the world’s leading Customer Care & Billing software providers, announced today the availability of the RR Enterprises’ Subscriber Management System January, 2004 release. Major enhancements have been added to the existing Package Maintenance, Commissions and TV Costing modules, along with a multitude of miscellaneous enhancements.

Packaging of services has been simplified to provide ease of creation. Pricing may be fixed or variable. The System can automatically qualify subscribers and assign the best package based on their services, or Users may select from a list of services. Changing different parameters such as pricing, the number of qualified services and credit history codes easily creates variations of packages. You may create your variations one at a time, and/or create them in mass. You can specify a range of picks and discount variation to go with each and several variations will be created at once.

Commissions is a program whereby you are able to define different parameters to Pay Marketing Representatives. The commission program is driven by completed work orders. Commissions are calculated and paid based on information provided by completed work orders, PAC or credit card enrolment. Commissions may be paid based on the following items: Flat fee (Salary), Percentage of monthly rental of the service, Percentage of the installation charge, Percentage of PAC subscribers and Credit Card subscribers, Percentage of Purchases and Percentage of security deposits. With regards to the Percentages paid you are also able to break out the number of payments to be paid to the representatives. For example, you are able to define whether to pay 100% all at once, or you can break out the payment to pay 50% at the completion of the work order, then after the first 30 days pay another 25% and then a final payment of 25% after 60 days. Breaking out the payments controls the amount paid based on the length of time a subscriber keeps the service. A number of summary and detailed reports are created.

The TV Costs program has been changed so that not only can it be defined by division, community, rate schedule, service and outlet breakdown but will also track the counts by package and campaign benefits as well as levels. The system will keep track of how and when the service is added to a subscriber. For example, it will track if the service is being added through campaigns, whether it is a free time offer or a regular discount of the service. TV Costs may be set up as a flat fee, or a percentage based on penetration. Penetration may be based on total subscribers, or digital subscribers only, or no penetration at all. A complete set of reports is generated.

About RR Enterprises Ltd.
RR Enterprises is a leading subscriber management and billing solution for Video, & Internet providers. Established in 1986, our worldwide customer base enjoys unequalled personalized service, one of the cornerstones of our business. Our truly functional system is highly automated, extremely user friendly and flexible. Our unique software architecture provides numerous features only available with the RR System. Available in eight languages, new languages are easily added in about six weeks.

The RR Enterprises System is operating in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada, and internationally in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the Caribbean.

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