Allegiance Communications signs multi-year contract with RR Enterprises

Allegiance Communications Signs Multi-Year Contract with RR Enterprises Ltd.

Allegiance Communications Converts 54,000 Video and Data Subscribers to RR Enterprises Ltd. Subscriber Management & Billing System

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, May 14, 2004: RR Enterprises Ltd. announced today it has signed a long-term contract with Allegiance Communications of Tyler, Texas to provide subscriber management and billing software for Allegiance’s 54,000 cable TV and Internet subscribers. Allegiance operates cable systems in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Arkansas.

Commenting on the agreement, Kay Monigold, President & COO of Allegiance, said, “With RR Enterprises Ltd., you get much more than a subscriber management and billing system. Raymond and his staff spent countless hours above and beyond what is normal to make sure that our conversion was completed as accurately and smoothly as possible. Because of our positive experiences and relationship with RR Enterprises in the past, there was no question as to which subscriber management and billing software that we would use in our new company.”

“We are certainly very happy to have been chosen by Allegiance Communications as their subscriber management and billing vendor,” stated Raymond Reichert, President of RR Enterprises Ltd. “We have a long and enjoyable history with both Kay Monigold and Ben Hooks, who were part of the management team at our customer Buford Television, Inc. TV, which was sold in 1999. It is certainly a pleasure to be working together again. Allegiance has aggressive growth plans for both data and video and our software will seamlessly accommodate these new revenue streams for Allegiance Communications”.

About Allegiance Communications
Allegiance Communications is a partnership formed by Buford Media Group, LLC and the Wicks Group, a New York private equity firm specializing in communications, information and media. Buford Media Group was formed by Mr. Hooks and Ms. Monigold for the purpose of cable property acquisition.

About RR Enterprises Ltd.
RR Enterprises is a leading subscriber management and billing solution for Video, & Internet providers. Established in 1986, our truly functional system is highly automated, extremely user friendly and flexible. Our worldwide customer base enjoys personalized service, one of the cornerstones of our business. Our unique software architecture provides numerous highly functional features. Our comprehensive, total solution includes Customer Care, Charging, Invoicing, Payments, Collection, Order Processing, Accounting, Work Order Scheduling & Tracking, Service Call Scheduling & Tracking, Provisioning, PPV, VOD, Marketing Campaigns, Packaging, Serialized Inventory Control & Management, Telemarketing, Commissions, and Full Reporting Capability including Financial, Operational, Marketing & Custom Reports.
Available in eight languages, new languages are easily added in about six weeks.

For Details, Contact:

Paul Parsons
RR Enterprises Ltd.

Phone             (905) 855-7750
Fax (905) 855-7925

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